Thursday, February 12, 2009


Behind walls of lies the plain truth,which someattempts to deny and hide,realitys grip is slowlyloosend images falseafied. The media shit has yourbrainwashed. Open your eyes stop being blind youclearly see the horrors are real,miserableconditions,agony prolouged,yet you ignore the painthey feel. Their propaganda has fucked your mind.Chickens debaked,chicks are smothered,pigs arestarved,bulls castrated,veal cows fed[ Find more Lyrics at ]hormones,antibiotics,female cows constantlyinpregnated. Mans tyranny over other living beingscannot be justified or proven safe,people starvewhile doom cows eat what could be theirs,factoryfarms are modern day concetration camps. Theconditions these animals are raised in areinhumain and extremely cruel,forget thesefairytale images that the media has soconveniently led you to belive they are reared tolive and eventually die in misery,they've putfamily farms out of business you prophit from theanimals suffering so its up to you and I to stopthe torture!!!

-Disrupt 'Reality Distortion'
Mane2 band kalo cover lagu ni siap.Aku akn rampas mic dr vocal ko org!!!

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  1. kalo ko brani ko rebutlah mic dari aku....hahahahhaha